Unit 2. We Live Here. Lesson 7. Let’s Go Shopping!

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  1. Listen and tick.

    What shop is Mary going to? 

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    Jill: I am going to visit my friend today. I need to buy something for her.
    Mary: You can buy her some toy or a book.
    Jill: No, she doesn’t play with toys and she has got a lot of books. I want to buy something tasty for her, something for tea.

  2. Listen and tick.

    What is Mary going to buy?

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    Shop assistant: Good afternoon. Can I help you?
    Mary: Yes, please. I want to buy something for tea.
    Shop assistant: We have got very tasty cookies. Would you like some banana cookies?
    Mary: No, thank you. I’d like to buy a cake or a box of chocolates, please.
    Shop assistant: Sorry, we haven’t got any cakes now.
    Mary: OK, I’ll buy a box of chocolates then.

  3. Listen and tick.

    How much does Mary pay? 

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    Mary: How much does that box of chocolate cost?
    Shop assistant: It costs 27 Euros.
    Mary: Oh, no. I have got only 25 Euros.
    Shop assistant: You can buy this box of chocolates. It costs only 22 Euros.
    Mary: That’s nice. I’ll buy it!

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