Unit 4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Lessons 4–5. Revision

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  1. Read and tick. What is Jane doing now?

    Woman: Do you always do your morning exercises, Jane? 
    Jane: Yes, I always do.
    Woman: Are you doing your morning exercises now?
    Jane: No, I am not. I am having breakfast now.
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  2. Read and tick. What do Sally and Ann always have for Christmas dinner?

    Woman: Sally and Ann, do you always have chocolates for Christmas dinner? 
    Sally: No, we don’t have chocolates for Christmas dinner.
    Ann: We always have a Christmas turkey.
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  3. Read and tick. What is Ben doing now?

    Woman: Are you decorating the Christmas tree now, Ben? 
    Ben: No, I am not. My sister is decorating the Christmas tree. I am writing greeting cards now.
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  4. Read and tick. What does Vicky do on New Year night?

    Woman: Do you sing songs on New Year night, Vicky? 
    Vicky: No, I don’t sing songs at Christmas. On New Year night I dance with my friends.
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